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Single Person Bomb Shelter (2)

Single Person Bomb Shelter (2)

There will be rules for this coming in Chain of Command
Aside from this, they can be used as objectives or terrain – as well as WW2 they can totally work in pulp spy games, time travellers….

These were unlocked in the WW2: British Home Front Kickstarter as a social stretch goal when Twitch Streamer Geek Girl Bookworm’s followers completed our task! Hooray! Thank you! The lady is based on said streamer – Anjuli. Check out her stuff!

The pack consists of 2 shelters, a plain door and a lady peering out of the door. They are cast in top quality resin, 28mm scale and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges.

These miniatures work perfectly in both historical settings but also pulp scenarios such as Operation Sea Lion.

Sculpted by Rob Macfarlane


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