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Gaia Bosses (3)

Gaia Bosses (3)

It was during a particularly turbulent time among the Ghosts of Gaia that the only thing they could agree on was the need for some fresh and stable leadership.

Juliett, Ariana and and Lena proved to be a powerful trio to lead the cause. Between them, they excelled in all area from psychic ability, strategy, brute strength and the wearing of unicorn horns. NOT UNICORN HORNS SORRY – deadly and intimidating head spikes. Yes.

The atmosphere was intense. Excitable. All the differences put aside in raw agreement that these were the leaders worthy of Gaia.

It is still unclear as to where they were going to lead them to, but at this point nobody cared, because regardless of what was to come, they yearned for the new dawn.

This is a pack of 3 x 28mm unpainted metal miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games.

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle, shown painted by Ralph Plowman.


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