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Ratty, Hera & Bianca

Ratty, Hera & Bianca

Ratty (Heavy Smart Gun) is a whizz with the custom builds. She carries a Smart Gun with Targeting Optics and an Auxiliary Grenade Launcher – try prising that from her cold dead hands.

Hera (Plasma Pistol & Sword) is the biggest risk taker. Inexplicably wild by nature, she is often seen scuttling right into the melee, slashing and shooting in all directions. Her helmet is often misted from the enthusiastic battle cries.

Nobody ever asked why, but one day Bianca (Power Axe) just took off her respirator. Some speculate that it was because she had given up on life, others say it was because she was just beginning to live.

This is a pack of three 28mm single piece unpainted high quality metal miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games.

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle.


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