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BLAST001 BLASTER: Volume 1

BLAST001 BLASTER: Volume 1

What happens when five of wargaming’s most talented indie designers are teamed up with an incredible graphic artist?

The answer is a unique anthology project. New rules for your favourite indie titles. New games ripped right from the minds of wargaming’s most prolific collective of published writers and insights into the process of writing and creating games.

Join us for BLASTER!

BLASTER: Volume 1 contains:

  • Martian Racing Federation, a stand-alone game-mode for Gaslands by Mike Hutchinson. You’ve seen Earth’s worst, now witness their overlords.
  • Last Days: TIMELINES by Ash Barker, which takes the Zombie Apocalypse through time; beginning with the Old West. 
  • The Lotus Guilds of the Twilight Seat spring onto the scene in Relic Blade by Sean Sutter along with downloadable assets for these new Seekers. 
  • The Beastmasters, a whole new faction for THIS IS NOT A TEST by Joseph McGuire. With complete rules for these maniac pet-owners in the Wasteland.
  • Rangers of the Watchtower, a complete mission supplement from Rangers of Shadowdeep by Joseph McCullough that reimagines the game with a fellowship. 
  • Closing thoughts from all five designers on this first volume and the state of wargaming.

BLASTER brings you a mix-tape of awesome stand-alone and supplementary wargaming content multiple times a year. Stay-tuned for transmissions about VOLUME 2.


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