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BLAST002 BLASTER: Volume 2

BLAST002 BLASTER: Volume 2

BLASTER – the independent wargaming anthology – returns! Five of wargaming’s most prolific indie designers bring you exclusive expansions for their awesome games as well as entirely new tabletop gaming experiences.

In volume two, you’ll find:

Mystic Skies – Mike Hutchinson and Sean Sutter

Imagine yourself as a powerful sorcerer, soaring above the desert on a magic carpet. Combining the nail-biting movement of Gaslands with brutal magic and combat systems, Mystic Skies is a complete and standalone wargame of high-speed magical duels, tower defence and monster hunting.

This Is Not A Test: Masters of the Wild (Part 2) – Joey McGuire

Following from our first installment of this expansion for This Is Not A Test, we now examine the lesser powers of the wild who can join your warband.  From the the nefarious beast controller who psychically dominates creatures into subservience to the beast friend, a natural animal empath.  We also include lesser versions of the tribal wildcaller of chimeric wildshaper.  Finally, animal skills are introduced, which are really fun and thematic and give your warbands an animal appeal.

Shadowgrave, Part I – Joseph A. McCullough

What happens when the creatures of the Mythos invade FrostgraveGhost Archipelago, and Rangers of Shadow Deep? Rules for sanity, madness, and permanent mental damage! Includes a new scenario for each of the three games, plus a host of nefandous creatures!

Last Days: Evolutions – Ash Barker

Last Days Evolutions brings new threats to your Post Apocalypse. You can totally re-theme your games of Last Days to include new types of the Undead or shift gears entirely to try to survive an unshackled AI collapsing civilization!


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