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BLAST003 BLASTER: Volume 3

BLAST003 BLASTER: Volume 3

BLASTER: Vol. 3 includes an exclusive standalone game,

Sludge War, and four expansions:

Sludge War
Sean Sutter
Standalone Game
Sludge is a complete and incredibly rich standalone game with the grit and depth t

hat you’ve come to expect from BLASTER. Sean Sutter (Relicblade, Mystic Skies)

has crafted a world that shows the deep tolls of war. Massive armies are on the march i

n an unceasing conflict that shadows over humanity, and even the environment, grinding it

all down into a pulp. It is 52 pages of inglorious black powder plus gaming at its finest.

Shadowgrave (Part II)
Joseph McCullough
Official Expansion for Rangers of Shadow Deep, Frostgrave, and Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago
The worlds of Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave are being invaded from unfathomable horrors

that their heroes can barely stand up against. Will you wield magic to defend against the darkest threat

your world has seen? And at what cost are you willing to do so?

Gaslands: Legacy (Part I)
Mike Hutchinson
Official Campaign Expansion for Gaslands: Refuelled.
Earth gets an eviction notice from Mars, and becomes dismantled and reassembled into a progressively

more chaotic post-post-apocalyptic world. Randomly generate an illegal build and get out of the factory fast

before you become dismantled yourself. Unique LEGACY Gaslands rules, and the first five awesome narrative

scenarios. (The final five scenarios in the story will be in Vol. 4, but you don’t need them to play the first half).

Find out more here.

Part II is aviailable in Volume 4.

Gamma Wolves: Ronin
Ash Barker
Official Expansion for Gamma Wolves
Mecha pilots vie for dwindling resources on a post-apocalyptic earth. What path will your mercenary pilot take?

Will she follow The Path of the Guardian and fight to protect her team? Will she follow the Path of the Sword and

down enemy mechs in honorable combat? Or will she prefer to stalk her prey with the Path of the Hunter?

The Mysterious Anomalies of Site-X
Joseph McGuire
Official Expansion for This is Not a Test
Truly unpredictable anomalies plague Site-X, a supplement for This is Not a Test. Will your quest for some of the

rarest and powerful artefacts aid your survival or send your models flying across the board into a wall, or even

being shred up into indiscernible viscera?


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